Truly Moblie Movie Theater


The DJNemisius Mobile: 1997 Ford F150 is our rolling work/show truck. It has appeared loaded with equipment at most DJ events productions and even at Cruise Nights and Car Shows! It is a truly amazing truck, a perfect blend of form and funtion. It is capable of being the center of attention as will as being the ultimate support truck! From it's inovative Audio and video system to it's 58" Projection Screen visiable in broad daylight to it's massive power inversion system capable of running our full sound system in the event of power failure! It's Stereo System puts out over 2000 watts RMS (that's over 4000 watts peak!) and can run both the internal system as well as run any of our DJ Speakers!

Having it parked outside of events is like having a bullet proof insurance policy that no matter what can happen my triple redunent system will deliver for your event!