Massachusetts Country Music Awards Association

25th Annual Awards Show

For this event we provided two 6'x 8' rear projection systems and produced the video Opener. A live feed from the videograpers and production was displayed on screen giving all who attended a virtual front row seat.

mcmaa01 mcmaa33 mcmaa31 mcmaa17 mcmaa16 mcmaa15
mcmaa14 mcmaa13 mcmaa12 mcmaa30 mcmaa29 mcmaa28
mcmaa04 mcmaa22 mcmaa21 mcmaa11 mcmaa09 mcmaa25
mcmaa08 mcmaa03 mcmaa20 mcmaa19 mcmaa18 mcmaa27
mcmaa26 mcmaa24 mcmaa06 mcmaa05    
Here are compressed examples of the opening sequence and my Sponsor clip that was made by us for this event. They require Quicktime to view.
Opening clip
  DJN Promo