Clark U Spring 06

The first set of pictures are from the Movie Night that had to be moved indoors due to rain - The next set is from the Stage Crew where DJNEvent provided the Crew for the Setup and tear down of Sound and Stage and management services for 4 Bands including: Black Violin and Phyrcyde.

DSC01151.JPG DSC01154.JPG DSC01156.JPG DSC01158.JPG
DSC01159.JPG DSC01160.JPG DSC01161.JPG DSC01163.JPG
DSC01146.JPG DSC00792.JPG DSC00796.JPG DSC00797.JPG
DSC00798.JPG DSC00799.JPG DSC00800.JPG DSC00802.JPG
DSC00804.JPG DSC00808.JPG DSC00821.JPG DSC00822.JPG
DSC00823.JPG DSC00826.JPG DSC00827.JPG DSC00828.JPG
DSC00835.JPG DSC00836.JPG DSC00837.JPG DSC00840.JPG
DSC00845.JPG DSC00847.JPG DSC00849.JPG